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Environment & Organic films Beauty-Film® RecyUse

Beauty-Film® RecyUse

Beauty Film RecyUse Environment & Organic filmsThe number 1 contact for pro environment and pro nature premium polyolefin films for the world of today and tomorrow.
Schlichter GmbH does not supply ordinary plastic, but very modern, newly developed and high-quality plastic films for environmentally friendly packaging of all kinds of products.
These usually very thin materials are crystal clear, extremely tear- and puncture-resistant. They lend optimal protection against dirt and moisture for products while preserving the untouched originality.
In terms of packaging quality and appearance, these cross-linked films also deliver outstanding, excellent and sales-promoting product packaging thanks to shrink values of approx. 90%.
This unique product offer from Schlichter GmbH lets you package your products in an environmentally friendly and timely manner.

Polyolefin fine shrink films with approx. 50% PIR recycled content

BF-RecyUse ECO
BF-RecyUse HLT
BF-RecyUse HSF

Polyolefin fine shrink films with PCR recycled content

BF-RecyUse Circular E-PCR
BF-RecyUse Circular X-PCR

Polyolefin fine shrink films made from 100% sugarcane (bagasse)

BF-RecyUse Bio Basic
BF-RecyUse Bio Premium

BOPP film on a PLA basis

BOPP film – 100% biodegradable


  • All films are available hot-needled as perforation type P1or P2.
  • ESD equipment for antistatic product such as electronic components, printed circuit boards, etc.
  • All films are intaglio-printed in up to 10 colours.
  • 76 or 152 mm film core

High-quality films sustainable & future-oriented

As a supplier of high-quality, highly transparent fine shrink films, the continuous further development of products, e.g. in the field of environmentally friendly films, is an important aspect of our work.

Consistently high quality and the continuous further development of products around our polyolefin fine shrink films guarantee the highest quality standards and effective, future-oriented products from Schlichter.

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