BF-RecyUse HSX – All-purpose anti-slip film with 50% PIR material(Post Industrial Recyclate)

15, 19, 25 mµ
Polyolefin fine shrink film with 50% PIR material
Highly transparent and glossy
Multilayer material
Special film with an extremely low slip value, for products that must not slip!
Very brilliant
High mechanical strength
Excellent welding and shrinking properties
100% food-safe and 100% recyclable in the LDPE04 cycle.

Foliensortiment Polyolefin-Feinschrumpffolie Schlichter GmbH

BF-RecyUse HSX – the all-purpose film with 50% PIR material (Post Industrial Recyclate


  • All films are available hot-needled as perforation type P1 (small) or P2 (large)
  • ESD equipment for antistatic products such as electronic components, printed circuit boards, etc.
  • All films are available printed in up to 10 colours
  • Film core 76 or 152 mm

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