PCR film for sustainable packaging

As a system manufacturer for packaging systems, we offer optimized packaging films for a wide range of applications, with the best processing characteristics, highly transparent, tear-resistant, in many different thicknesses and designs for industry and trade. One focus here is the use of the highest possible proportion of recycled material in order to promote a future-oriented and sustainable packaging strategy. We are pioneers here. With our BF-RecyUse Circular E-PCR and BF-RecyUse Circular X-PCR packaging films, we already offer films with approx. 35% certified PCR content as a highly transparent, brilliant film for packaging.

This polyolefin fine shrink film made from multi-layer material has high mechanical strength and excellent sealing and shrink properties. The film is 100% recyclable in the LDPE04 cycle and is available in many different thicknesses. Depending on your requirements, we supply this film pre-perforated, hot-needled, printed and in the roll lengths you require. The advantages of high-quality films from Schlichter GmbH are particularly evident in the area of high cycle numbers and high packaging rates.

PCR film – what exactly is it?

Basically, the term PCR stands for “post-consumer recyclate”. PCR recyclate is material recovered from plastic waste from the recycling loop that is collected and recycled after use by the consumer. The use of these materials is a challenge for waste management due to their different qualities, and one that is being continuously improved. On the one hand, it is important to make optimum use of recyclates and, on the other, to improve the delivery of materials by consumers.

The use of PCR recyclate has many advantages. For example, the use of PCR recyclate leads to a reduction in waste, conservation of natural resources, energy savings and a reduction in CO2 emissions.

We at Schlichter GmbH already offer you packaging films of the highest quality for all requirements and every need.
We will be happy to advise you on the right application for you.

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