Polyolefin film for industry and trade – the fine shrink film for packaging.

Polyolefin film is a favoured film material for industrial and commercial packaging. The film is known for its good properties and advantages, which make it the preferred choice for many packaging applications.

As a polymeric material, polyolefin consists mainly of polyethylene and polypropylene. These two basic materials belong to the polyolefin family, which is popular for many applications due to its high chemical resistance and flexibility. Polyolefin film is manufactured through the process of extrusion, where molten polymer is forced through a die to produce a thin, uniform film.

Technical advantages

Polyolefin film is characterised by its clarity and high transparency, its tear resistance and flexibility. It is non-toxic and odourless, which makes it particularly suitable for packaging in the food sector. Compared to other film materials such as PVC, polyolefin film has the great advantage of being more environmentally friendly, as it releases fewer pollutants when incinerated and is easier to recycle.

Advantages when used with packaging machines

Polyolefin film has excellent shrink properties. The film shrinks evenly and tightly around the packaged product when exposed to heat. This results in a tight-fitting and protective package that presents the product safely and attractively. The high transparency and clarity of the film improves the visibility of the packaged product and makes for an attractive retail presentation. The high gloss of the film also helps to make the product more visually appealing.

Polyolefin film can be processed on many packaging machines, depending on requirements in small or very large quantities with high cycle rates. This makes polyolefin film particularly interesting for industry and trade, as high cycle rates are often required here. As a system provider for packaging systems, in addition to our extensive portfolio of packaging films, we also have a wide range of suitable packaging machines. We will be happy to advise you on the right packaging machine for you without obligation.

Tear-resistant and robust even in thin thicknesses and perfect for foodstuffs

But back to polyolefin film. Even with thin film thicknesses, it is very robust and resistant to punctures and tears. This tear resistance ensures that the packaging remains intact during transport and handling until it reaches the end consumer, minimising the risk of damage to the product.

Due to the various thicknesses and properties that polyolefin film can have, the film can be used for a wide range of products and packaging requirements. As polyolefin film contains no harmful chemicals, it is ideal for food packaging. It fulfils the strict safety standards of the food industry, is 100% food-safe and can be optimally recycled in the material cycle.

Polyolefin film with PCR or PIR content – sustainable and future-orientated

This makes the film a sustainable packaging material of the future. In addition to the fundamentally very positive properties, polyolefin films with a certified proportion of PCR or PIR recyclate are also an important topic. We already offer polyolefin films with a certified proportion of approx. 50% recycled material from PIR recyclate (Post Industrial Recyclate) and up to approx. 35% from PCR recyclate (Post Consumer Recyclate) in various thicknesses and designs. This shows the important future significance of polyolefin film in the context of resource conservation and greater sustainability. We offer these films in our range of organic and environmental films in many variants, so that you can also use sustainable, optimised films for packaging with these features.

Polyolefin film for industry and retail

Polyolefin film can be found in many industries Thanks to its food-safe properties, polyolefin film is often used for packaging foodstuffs such as meat, cheese, baked goods and sweets. It protects products from contamination and extends their shelf life. An appropriate anti-fog finish also ensures the right climate.

In the pharmaceutical industry, polyolefin film is used for packaging medicines and medical devices. It offers a sterile and safe packaging solution that meets the strict standards of this industry. Packaging with polyolefin film is also ideal for cosmetics and personal care products such as soaps, shampoos and creams. Electronic devices are protected by a film with an antistatic finish. We have various products in this area that we would like to introduce to you.

Toys, household goods and many other consumer goods are often packaged in polyolefin film to protect them from damage and increase their attractiveness on the shop shelf. The product is clearly visible to the end consumer and provides the necessary protection against damage. As the film also protects the shrink-wrapped product from moisture, polyolefin film is also the first choice for printed products.

To summarise, polyolefin film is an extremely versatile and advantageous material for packaging. Its excellent shrink properties, high transparency, many different thicknesses and the important aspect of environmental friendliness make it the ideal choice for a wide range of packaging applications in various industries.

We offer an extensive range of polyolefin films for countless applications and in a wide variety of designs. We will be happy to advise you.

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