Printed Bopp films – Versatile applications for many products

Bopp films are extremely versatile and can be used for a wide range of packaging applications, including food packaging, cosmetics packaging, in the medical sector and in the packaging of electronic items. The flexibility and adaptability of BOPP film makes it possible to fulfil different requirements and applications, whether for the protection, presentation or advertising of products.

The importance of the printed design

The printed design on Bopp films plays a decisive role in the presentation of products and the communication of brand messages. High-quality printing on Bopp films enables companies to strengthen their brand identity, clearly communicate product information and attract the attention of consumers. Whether it’s eye-catching graphics, detailed product information or appealing designs, printing on Bopp films offers limitless possibilities for creative design concepts.

Extensive product range of BOPP films

With our extensive product range of BOPP films, we have the right solution for every application. Our BOPP films can be printed with up to 8 colours. In addition to printing, we offer a wide range of other customisations and functions. For example, perforation is an option in many cases in the food segment.

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Quality and performance

Quality is the top priority for printed Bopp films. Thanks to advanced printing technologies and high-quality materials, razor-sharp images, vivid colours and first-class print quality can be achieved. In addition, Bopp films provide an excellent barrier against moisture, oxygen and other environmental influences, ensuring the freshness and shelf life of the packaged products.

Overall, printed Bopp films offer an optimal packaging solution for companies looking for versatile, high-quality and environmentally friendly packaging solutions.

Their versatility, quality, customisability and environmental friendliness make them a preferred choice in various industries. Combining innovative design and advanced technology, Bopp printed films are an investment in the future of packaging.

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