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Innovative recyclable films for every application

High-quality film packaging machines, a comprehensive range of films and the highest level of technical application advice in conjunction with an innovative, highly up-to-date, environmentally friendly film range and technically modern, sophisticated packaging machines are your guarantee for productivity and optimum product packaging.

The high-quality range of services spans from a comprehensive machine line for all needs to a versatile film range with a strong specialisation on high-quality, highly transparent, electronically crosslinked polyolefin films. These films are absolutely environmentally friendly, as they are 100% recyclable. With our innovative, petroleum-free film RecyUse, 100% made from sugarcane (bagasse), a new film era of future-orientated, environmentally friendly film packaging has begun.

Schlichter GmbH is a modern, fully digitalised company on its way to absolute climate neutrality. The entire company is heated by two air-to-water heat pumps and two solar units are also used for the company’s own power supply.

Thanks to our high level of expertise in technology and materials and our decades of experience (the company was founded in 1987), we combine innovation and quality to your advantage. Only long-time employees of the company work in our customer-orientated sales teams. Without a doubt, they will advise you in a competent, professional and goal-orientated manner.

As a result, you will receive practical, functional solutions combined with optimal and sales-promoting product packaging.

Our packaging machines for every requirement

Verpackungsmaschinen manuell

Hood shrinking machine
Profi Packer® SCH manual for small batches

Verpackungsmaschinen halbautomatisch

Semi-automatic compact shrinking machine
Profi Packer® SCK series

Verpackungsmaschinen halbautomatisch

Semi-automatic angle welding machine
Profi Packer® SCW series

Vollautomatische Winkelschweißmaschinen taktend Profi-Packer-SCV-5844-Pro-Servo

Fully automatic angle welding machine
Profi Packer® SCV clocking series

Verpackungsmaschinen vollautomatisch

Fully automatic side welder Profi Packer® Series SCV Pro


Fully automatic side welder Profi Packer® SCV Hybrid

Verpackungsmaschinen vollautomatisch

Fully automatic side welding machine SCV Pro Motion continuous


Film banding machine
Profi Packer® SCB series


Film banding machine
Profi Packer® SCB Motion continuous


Under-air shrink tunnel
Profi Tunnel® SCT series in project-adapted design

Zubehör Faltaggregate

Film folding unit for all fully automatic units
Profi Packer® SCF


Fitting films
Beauty Film® & Beauty Film® ResyUse

Our worldwide sales and production network

We see ourselves as a system provider, as our highly qualified range of services includes a complete machine line, a comprehensive range of films, the entire application technology and all technical services. We are the exclusive partner of world leading companies and hence the range of films offered by Schlichter GmbH is very comprehensive and focused on a very high quality standard. Our premium films guarantee the best possible product packaging and presentation of all products.

We supply cross-linked (irradiated) polyolefin fine shrink films in all grades and for all applications. In addition, high quality PVC shrink films (according to REACH regulation) and organic fine shrink films. From our own cutting and conversion centre, we supply BOPP polypropylene films co-extruded. The OPP polypropylene films are of the highest quality.

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Do you have a product and are looking to pack it with a suitable system? You don’t have time to spare and would like to receive a custom-fit offer for your product? Write to us, describe your needs and we will be happy to advise you at short notice by phone on the right products for you in terms of the required packaging system.

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