Angle welding machines Profi Packer® SCW 5844 A, SCW 8065 A, SCW 14065 A, SCW 16085 A

Angle welding machines are modern, robust and technically advanced packaging machines in a semi-automatic design. They are highly suited for film packaging single products or multi-packaging in semi-tube films.

Depending on the requirements, one can operate with or without the shrinking tunnel. The shrinking tunnel is provided separately. As a standard, the systems included an integrated, height-adjustable conveyor belt. A motor closes the welding frame, from model 14065A pneumatically, by hand or foot switch (standard fitting).

Winkelschweißmaschinen Profi Packer® SCW-5844-A

The units’ standard fittings include a continuously adjustable chain transport in the shrink tunnel, the height adjustment of the conveyor belt and a motorised closing of the welding frame by hand or foot switch.

The devices have a very modern and appealing design and work very reliably thanks to a robust and technically mature construction.

Angle welding machines
Profi Packer® SCW 5844 A
Profi Packer® SCW 8065 A

motorised closing of the welding frame (no compressed air)

Profi Packer® SCW 14065 A
Profi Packer® SCW 16085 A

Packing machines from the Profi Packer® SCK series

Compact shrink machines Profi Packer® SCK 5844 A and SCK 5844 A Pro

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