BF-E – With antistatic coating on both sides!

15 mµ, 19 mµ, 25 mµ

With antistatic coating on both sides! EST-tested!
Cross-linked standard film, semi-blunt, universally applicable!
Very good shrink and seal bond strength.
Reliably protects your circuit boards and electronic components
and cost-effectively against damage!
100% food safe and 100% recyclable in LDPE04 cycle.

Foliensortiment Polyolefin-Feinschrumpffolie Schlichter GmbH

BF-E – ‘With antistatic coating on both sides!’


  • All films are available hot-needled as perforation type P1 (small) or P2 (large).
  • ESD equipment for antistatic product such as electronic components, printed circuit boards, etc.
  • All films are intaglio-printed in up to 10 colours
  • 76 or 152 mm film core

Areas of application:

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