Hood shrink machine Profi-Packer® SCH 4532, SCH 5844, manual for small batches

Hood shrink machines can be used to optimally package small batches of products of various types in shrink films.

First-class original and retail packaging is achieved. At the same time, this modern type of packaging protects the products from moisture, soiling and damages.

Haubenschrumpfmaschine SCH

Semi-tubular films are used, which are inserted into the packaging machine with the opening facing forwards. The product is manually inserted into the welding and shrinking area together with the film.

The machine’s transparent plexi-glass hood is shut manually, and at the same time a pulse-controlled cut-off welds in on all sides.

A precisely regulated hot-air fan shrinks the film material by means of the heating effect so that the film lies skintight against the item. The machine has an electromagnetic closing mechanism with precise control of the closing time.

During the welding and shrinking process, the operator can already insert the next product into the film.

Profi-Packer hood shrink machines are very flexible to use and easy to operate. They are especially suited for packaging single products and multi-packs in small batches. Our hood shrink machines have a modern design and feature a technically advanced construction.

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