Energy-saving high-performance shrink tunnel Profi Tunnel® Series SCT U

State-of-the-art, high-performance and energy-saving under-air shrink tunnels with superior hot air circulation newly designed in terms of air technology. In addition to a very attractive design, these machines have excellent technology, first-class insulation thanks to high-quality insulating material and fittings that cover all functions in the operating area.

This masterful and complete setup includes: Infinitely variable throughput speed, exact temperature control using a high-quality electronic thermostat, infinitely variable fan control, adjustable air guide flaps and continuing functioning to cool down the tunnel bars. The passage widths are staggered from 400mm to 1500 mm.

In the standard design, the shrink tunnels are equipped with a chain bar transport with very stable transport bars with low-wear PTFE coating (silicone coating optional). Depending on the type of film, rotating or non-rotating transport bars can be used as needed. As far as the products to be shrunk require, a plastic link belt or a textile mesh belt can also be used.


These shrink tunnels are technically mature and tried-and-tested and equipped with first-class components. They always work very reliably and deliver perfect shrinking results thanks to the built-in, high-quality under-air technology. While considering the requirements profile, it is possible to fit the machine with powerful single or double blowers. Double tunnels for long parts are also available.

Up to a passage width of 1000mm, the shrink tunnels are fitted with rollers and height-adjustable spindle adjusters with disc base. For widths of 1200mm and 1500mm, only height-adjustable spindle adjusters with disc base are available.

All shrink tunnels are also available in stainless steel.


*Pictures and videos may show optional equipment not included.

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