Fully automatic side welder Profi Packer® SCV 400 Pro Hybrid

A highly modern, technically sophisticated and tried-and-tested, fully automatic film packaging machine for packaging individual products and multi-piece units (multipacks) in the best, sales-promoting packaging quality.

The machine features includes an infeed belt for product feeding, a permanently heated transverse welding punch and a state-of-the-art permanently heated side welding station for continuous welding, as well as an outfeed belt. The fully automatic side film welding machine is controlled via a Siemens PLC unit, optionally with a Delta unit.

The machine works in cycles. For the production of high-quality shrink packaging, it is generally possible to supplement the line with one of our under-air shrink tunnels that are optimal in air-flow.

Winkelschweisser Profi Packer SCW 5844 und 8065 M und A

Thanks to its ultra-modern, very robust and technically mature design, the machine guarantees high availability, a disruption-free packaging process and reliable functioning. The machine’s outstanding feature is the side weld placed in front of the transverse welding punch. This guarantees a perfectly closed side weld even with tall products.

Fully automatic side welding machines
Profi Packer® SCV 400 Pro Hybrid
Profi Packer® SCV 600 Pro Hybrid

Fully automatic side welder Profi Packer® SCV 400 Pro Hybrid

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