BOPP film 100% biodegradable BF-PPVPLA

BF-PPVPLA, 17, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 50 mµ

Wrapping film based on PLA
100% biodegradable
highly transparent

  • Biaxially stretched PLA
  • Coextruded
  • Can be sealed on both sides
  • Film core 76 or 152 mm

Possible finish

  • un-needled
  • hot-needled
  • macro-perforated
  • microperforated

Available as

  • flat film
  • Semi-tubular film
  • Roll material with running lengths adapted to the processing possibilities of the respective packaging machine.

Processing possible on

  • Wrapping machines
  • Flow wrapping machines
  • Sealing Seam machines


Beauty-Film® is the brand for high-quality, highly transparent biaxially oriented BOPP films made of polypropylene (PP film).

BOPP film is stretched longitudinally and transversely compared to a CPP film, giving it greater stability and high mechanical strength.
Excellent tear resistance, very high impact resistance.

The BOPP film protects the product optimally and ensures brilliant and sales-promoting packaging.

Wide range of applications for our BOPP films

Food area:
Food, vegetables, fresh produce, fruit
Sausage and meat products, cheese products
Bread and bakery products

Non-food sector:
Medical products
Office and paper products
Gift packaging

Perfectly suited for the packaging of products to the end consumer as single or multi-piece packaging.

You will receive comprehensive and objective advice and an extensive service from us for our entire range. In particularly urgent cases, express deliveries are also possible.

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Our wide range of BOPP films

BOPP Folie bedruckt

BOPP film 100% biodegradable

BOPP Folie Lebensmittelverpackung

BOPP film food range

BOPP Folie bedruckt

BOPP film food range

BOPP Folie micro-perforiert Brot und Backwaren

BOPP film bread and bakery products micro-perforated

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