Film-wrapping packing machines (compact version with shrink tunnel),  series SCB Profi Packer® SCB 60i, SCB 80i, SCB 120i & SCB 150i

These modern film banding packing machines are basically used for shrink banding of collated packs. The machines work with top and bottom film and, after welding with the permanently heated transverse welding punch, form a film curtain into which the products to be packaged enter.

After banding with shrink film, the packs go directly into the air-optimised, under-air shrink tunnel and are shrunk by means of the electronically controlled hot-air circulation. The laterally protruding film material is shrunk on, but can also be rolled on with pressure rollers if required.


The two banding packing machines are state-of-the-art units with qualified technical fittings in a robust and durable design. The film banding packaging machines are controlled with a Delta PLC unit, optionally with a Siemens PLC unit.

A photocell scans the products lengthwise when the product is fed by the infeed conveyor. The following product feeds are possible: Pneumatic insertion, feeding by infeed belt and 90° feeding with pneumatic insertion.

The machine fittings generally include an integrated shrink tunnel, fitted to the machine’s operational width.

Film cycling banding packing machines
Profi Packer® SCB 60i
Profi Packer® SCB 80i
Monoblock incl. shrink tunnel

Profi Packer® SCB 120i
Profi Packer® SCB 150i

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