Highest film qualities at Schlichter GmbH

As a customer of our company, you will receive all fine shrink films, printed and unprinted in different qualities according to the intended use. Thanks to a high stock readiness, deliveries at short notice are generally not a problem. We also offer BOPP films from our cutting and conversion centre at short notice, depending on the current capacity utilisation. We can even fulfil urgent orders without any problems, in part even with overnight deliveries.

Fine shrink films

For packaging solutions of all kinds, Schlichter GmbH also offers a comprehensive range of films in addition to various packaging machines and, as a system provider, provides convincing solutions in the areas of machine technology and material from a single source.

Quality is our top priority in order to achieve the best possible end result. We strive to package your products in an optimal sales-promoting and brilliant way using optimally functioning machine technology and our premium films.

Our offer includes polyolefin fine shrink films, PVC fine shrink films, organic fine shrink films and BOPP films. All BOPP films and in part polyolefin fine shrink films are ready-made in our in-house cutting centre.

All fine shrink films are very transparent and high-gloss and, thanks to their strength and stability, are particularly suitable for sales packaging to protect against moisture and soiling. The shrinking process lets the films wrap around the product without wrinkles and thus guarantee the absolutely important originality of the products.

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