Shrink film made of polyolefin – the all-rounder among film packaging.

Shrink film offers excellent opportunities to protect your products from external influences. Shrink films contract when the product is packaged and enclose the product with an outer layer that protects against environmental influences such as heat, moisture and the effects of light.

Shrink film is not only optimal for transport, but also for storing your items and can be used in many situations. If you want to protect the product from mechanical damage such as tears or scratches, shrink film is best. This way, the inside is protected from external influences and still allows the customer easy access to the product view through the highly transparent film.

Our polyolefin fine shrink films are highly transparent and glossy and have a multi-layer material that is ideally suited for high cycle packaging with the appropriate packaging machine. Our optimised films offer you optimal packaging possibilities by reducing the film thickness.

The reduced thickness saves you money on the total cost of your product, because the optimised thicknesses allow you to reduce the amount of film while maintaining optimum packaging quality. The properties of our shrink films make them perfect for packaging food and non-food items alike. The high transparency, the brilliant appearance and the high sealing seam strength combined with high tear and impact resistance are of decisive importance here.

You can get our films in many different thicknesses and with corresponding additional properties such as anti-fog-, Antirutsch-anti-slip equipment or with antistatic coating on both sides. All films are available pre-perforated and can be printed in colour gravure with up to 10+ colours.

Thanks to our own very flexible film production, deliveries at short notice are also possible if required.
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Do you already know our PCR films?

With our new film products, we practice resource conservation, waste avoidance, sustainability and active environmental protection.

The BF-RecyUse Circular E-PCR – polyolefin fine shrink film with approx. 31 % certified PCR (post consumer recyclates) recycling content and the
BF-RecyUse Circular X-PCR – polyolefin fine shrink film with approx. 30 % certified PCR (post consumer recyclates) recycling content

are premium polyolefin fine shrink films in a class of their own. Highly transparent and high-gloss, 5-layer, cross-linked and electronically irradiated, these high-tech films have an extremely high seal strength. The X-PCR offers a shrink value of up to approx. 88 %. The films are 100% food safe and 100% recyclable in the LDPE04 cycle.

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BF-RecyUse Circular E-PCR
BF-RecyUse Circular X-PCR

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