Cross-linked fine shrink films

An excellent gloss value, the best shrink properties and the good adaptation even to bulky products make our cross-linked fine shrink films an optimal packaging film for many products and applications. From paper and print products to numerous non-food products, media, electrical and electronic goods as well as food – with our cross-linked films you can package your products safely and in a way that is suitable for sale.

With our cross-linked fine shrink films, the mechanical resistance is optimally increased by the electronic cross-linking of the multi-layer material. This creates extremely robust and tear-resistant packaging films that deliver the best packaging results on the various packaging machines.

Our films are individually adapted to your requirements in terms of perforation and perforation, hot needling, shrinkability, slip and barrier properties, anti-fogging and antistatic finish.

Whether unprinted or printed with up to 10 colours in flexographic printing, with our films you can present your products tailored to your needs.

The extraordinarily good shrinkage values ensure stable, wrinkle-free film packaging and that in a glossy, transparent and representative appearance. Our polyolefin fine shrink films are also ideal for shipping packaging or for grouping multiple units.

Cross-linked fine shrink film BF-Ultra with medium slip value

With the cross-linked BF-Ultra fine shrink film made of multi-layer material, you use a soft shrink film that has a medium slip value. This prevents stacked products from slipping and thus ensures safe and fast transport as well as optimum storage options. The cross-linked fine shrink film BF-Ultra is available in the thicknesses 11, 15, 19 mµ.
The very transparent and brilliant film has very good welding and shrinking properties. BF-Ultra is available hot-needled on request as perforation type P1 (small) or P2 (large) and also with an ESD finish for antistatic products. The cross-linked fine shrink film BF-Ultra is 100% food safe and 100% recyclable in the LDPE04 cycle.

Cross-linked fine shrink film BF-Ultra S with low slip value

Do you need a fine shrink film with a very low slip value? With BF-Ultra S, the cross-linked anti-slip film, you can go one step further.
The electronically cross-linked BF-Ultra S fine shrink film has the same positive and high-quality properties as the BF-Ultra, but as a special film it has an even lower slip value.
This prevents the products from slipping to the highest degree. The BF-Ultra S is available in the thicknesses 15, 19 mµ
Find out more about BF-Ultra and BF-Ultra-S here. Or contact us directly for further information. We will be happy to advise you individually.

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