Fine shrink film for food and fresh food packaging

Fine shrink film made of polyolefin is the optimal film material for attractive shrink film packaging. In addition to its excellent shrink properties, our fine shrink film has optimum tear resistance and thus ensures safe and protected products.

Especially for the food sector, the use of our fine shrink films is highly recommended. Our fine shrink films from the Beauty Film® and Beauty Film Food® series are predestined for food and the fresh food sector.

BF-AF Antifog – the fine shrink film for the food and fresh food sector

For example, our BF-AF as a cross-linked and electronically cross-linked film has an ANTI-FOG feature. The BF-AF fine shrink film has an extremely high sealing seam strength and was developed for the fresh produce and food sectors.

Fresh products and foodstuffs such as fruit, vegetables and meat and everything that must not be fogged up are optimally packaged with our BF-AF fine shrink film.

Due to the good tear resistance, our fine shrink film can also be used in very fast processing cycle, you will save processing time permanently.

Since our fine shrink film shines with great tear strength even in very thin thicknesses, you not only save on processing time due to the reduced thickness quality of the films, but you also permanently reduce material costs.

The high transparency and brilliance of our fine shrink films made of PO (polyolefin) allow perfect packaging of various products in the food and fresh food sector.

Would you like to know more about BF-AF Antifog for the fresh food sector? Please contact us, we will be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice on the optimum packaging film for your needs.

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