Flowpacks are a popular form of machine packaging for food and fresh products, but they are also used for packaging products in the technical sector, in the pharmaceutical industry and in retail. Flowpacks packaging with optimised, starch-reduced films from Schlichter save time and material costs.

Due to their high transparency and brilliance, flowpacks made of OPP / BOPP film offer optimal sales packaging that can also exhibit barrier properties and thus increase the shelf life of fresh products. This is the reason for the popular use of flowpacks as vegetable and fresh food packaging for ready meals, confectionery and other food products. Packaging options under a protective atmosphere and in compliance with all hygiene requirements according to the latest standards in a sales-promoting appearance make flowpacks so popular.

Airtight flowpacks such as our OPP / BOPP films with barrier properties can be excellently implemented with the right packaging machines from the Profi Packer® series and the large range of films for flowpacks for every requirement and every need.

Thanks to our optimised, starch-reduced films, we enable cost-saving and fully automatic packaging of products in flobopp filmwpacks. Because reduced-strength films not only save film material, but also speed up the cycle times of the packaging machines. A real optimisation of packaging costs through a coherent and optimally coordinated packaging system.

AVous êtes à la recherche de films de qualité supérieure, recyclables et à amidon réduit pour vos emballages flowpack ? Notre large gamme de OPP/BOPP films recyclables et à teneur réduite en amidon offre le film adéquat pour chaque application.

Would you like to see our packaging machines in action? Visit our You Tube channel. You will find some examples of our packaging machines in use.

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