OPP/BOPP Film for Packaging

We offer a wide range of  BOPP films made of polypropylene in various designs, sizes with special features such as antifog or barrier properties. You can get the films from us as flat film or roll material with individual run lengths. This allows an exact adjustment to the possibilities of your packaging machine. Processing of our BOPP films is possible on wrapping machines, flow-pack machines and on sealing machines.

Our BOPP films are available with print pre-treatment on the inside or outside, macro-perforated and hot-needled. Two film core diameters are available to suit your requirements. Other features such as modified slip properties, films that can be sealed on one or both sides, with or without print pre-treatment, and additional properties such as ANTI-FOG or barrier against aromas, mineral oil, oxygen and other gases are also available with our BOPP films. This in the different thicknesses depending on the requirements.

BOPP film for industry & trade

Whether in packaging for pieces of furniture, in the food industry or as sales-promoting packaging for individual and multiple units, the use of BOPP films is extremely popular in industry and trade. Products are usually packaged using automatic packaging machines, and angle welding machines are also popular here.

On the one hand, the use of BOPP film for packaging is optimal due to the ease of insertion of products into the existing opening, you determine the direction of wrapping according to the machine and your requirements. Also, the wrapping is considered to be time-saving because the machine wrapping is fast and smooth.


As a system provider for packaging solutions, we not only have a very large stock of films, and are also there for you for express deliveries if required. With our extensive range of packaging machines, we offer you not only the films, but also the appropriate automatic packaging machines and excellent service.

Give us a call or write to us. With the packaging solutions from Schlichter GmbH you present your products in top quality!

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