100% regenerative energy | Sustainability at Schlichter GmbH

Sustainability is on everyone’s lips today. For the company Schlichter in Dettingen, the topic of sustainability has been in the foreground for a long time.

Energy generation 100% from regenerative energy sources

The entire company, including production, is already supplied 100% from renewable energy sources. The expansion of the solar plant on the company premises in spring 2021 was a further step and expanded the climate-neutral energy generation many times over by means of additional solar energy panels in the company.

The use of heat pump technology has already been in use for some time and complements the climate-neutral energy generation in an optimal way. Thus, the company Schlichter GmbH in Dettingen uses a 100% renewable energy mix, which serves as a role model for other companies.

Optimization of recycling processes

Schlichter is also a pioneer in the continuous development of recycling processes and the responsible use of valuable resources by optimizing business processes. The development of optimized films that are reduced in thickness while retaining the same strength, excellent transparency and brilliance enables the production of packaging films that use less material.
Making optimum use of resources and returning them to the recycling loop after use has been a key issue for Schlichter in Dettingen for more sustainability and environmental protection for several years now.

Measures for the sustainable production of packaging films at a glance

The entire company, including production, is supplied with 100% environmentally friendly and petroleum-free energy from renewable energy sources.

Recycling processes and sustainable use of raw materials are a building block that is continuously optimized and expanded.

Production and delivery processes are designed to be sustainable and environmentally friendly. For this reason, products are shipped in accordance with sustainable standards wherever possible.

Research and continuous development in the field of film packaging make the company pioneers in the field of environmentally friendly and food-safe film packaging. The biodegradable BOPP-BIO film and the range of recyclable PO films, all of which are of course food-safe, stand for the claim to sustainability.

The polyolefin fine shrink films based on 100% sugar cane (bagesse) completely without petroleum content, the company produces with a CO2 reduction in the entire production chain of about 60 percent.

As a specialist in packaging systems, Schlichter is your one-stop source for the right films and packaging machines, sustainably and environmentally conscious.

Learn more about the company. Would you like individual advice on the films and packaging machines that are right for you? The Schlichter team will be happy to advise you. Contact us by e-mail or by phone +49 (0)7123 97 99 0.

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