Polyolefin shrink film (PO film) is ideal for the secure packaging of products in order to protect them comprehensively. When exposed to heat, the polyolefin shrink film (PO film) contracts and encloses the product in a protective layer. The high resistance to environmental influences such as weather, temperature fluctuations or even sunlight is a major advantage when using shrink film.

With shrink film you protect your products against environmental influences and mechanical damage. The product is also protected against mechanical damage such as cracks, scratches and corrosion. Thus, the use of shrink film is not only suitable for indoor storage packaging, but also for outdoor storage of goods if the film is thick enough.

Shrink film is also well suited for bundling multiple packages. In this way, shrink film can be used to optimally package single and multiple items.

Polyolefin (PO) shrink film in many thicknesses and variants

Our highly transparent shrink film made of polyolefin (PO) is available in linear or cross-linked form, with or without electronic cross-linking. All our films are available pre-perforated free of charge as standard. We supply shrink film in various thicknesses, widths, qualities, printed in colour gravure with up to 10 colours or unprinted.

We make up our shrink films individually according to your requirements in our own film production facility. We are therefore very flexible and can also deliver at short notice. In addition to our extensive range of film products, we also offer the packaging machines required for the packaging, precisely and individually tailored to your needs. For more information on our polyolefin shrink films, please contact us.

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