For some time now, the company’s energy generation has been 100% renewable – and we are continuing to expand, because we don’t talk, we act.

We have already reported in the past on the high value placed on sustainability and environmentally friendly energy generation within the company at Schlichter GmbH. For a long time, and especially long before the current discussion about the security of energy supply, energy has been generated 100% regeneratively. For the sake of the environment. For the management, this has been an important topic for years, which is now being rewarded.

At Schlichter GmbH, all areas of the company, including production, are already supplied with 100% environmentally friendly energy from renewable energy sources. But this is not enough for us! We are looking forward to a further increase in capacity through sustainable and environmentally friendly photovoltaic modules.

The following is an overview of our measures for more environmental protection and sustainability in our company

– Optimisation of recycling processes and sustainable use of raw materials
– Continuous further development of environmentally compatible production and delivery processes
– Shipping our products as environmentally friendly as possible
– Research and continuous development in the field of film packaging.

Our biodegradable BOPP-BIO film,, the extensive range of sustainable bio and environmental films with PIR / PCR recycled contentas well as the fine shrink films BF-RecyUse Bio Basic & Premium based on 100% sugar cane without any petroleum content are some examples of sustainable film products from our product range.

As a specialist for packaging systems, we provide you with suitable films and packaging machines from a single source, and not only in a sustainable and environmentally conscious manner, but also reliably and consistently, especially in these times.

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