With fine shrink film for packaging, you not only ensure an attractive sales presentation, protection during transport and the preservation of quality all the way to the end consumer are further reasons for packaging with fine shrink film. Depending on the thickness and width of a fine shrink film, small parts or larger items can be packaged. With our extensive range of different fine shrink films, we have solutions for every requirement and every need.

Fine shrink film in different thicknesses and widths with additional functions

The thickness of a fine shrink film depends on the application and other requirements. Does the film need to have an anti-fog feature or protect electronic components? The requirements for foodstuffs are different from those for electronic components or for online retailing. Do you want to package individual items or multi-piece units? We will be happy to advise you.

Thickness-reduced fine shrink film saves time and money

Fine shrink films made of polyolefin are perfectly suited for processing with packaging machines, especially in large quantities. Brilliant and highly transparent packaging results are achieved with the films. Due to the permanent further development of our products, our film range includes polyolefin films (PO films) with a very reduced thickness, which not only saves time when processing the films, but also reduces the amount of film material required.

Fine shrink films printed or unprinted

There is also a wide range of options for printing the films. Depending on the type of application, we offer printing options of up to 10 colours in gravure. Our high-quality, highly transparent polyolefin fine shrink films (PO films), linear or cross-linked, are available with or without electronic cross-linking. All our films are available pre-perforated as standard, free of charge. This leads to a better and more beautiful shrink result and reduces costs permanently.

Our own film production makes us extremely flexible. This, together with our large stock, enables us to deliver our fine shrink films at short notice, even in the event of bottlenecks or when there is a fire.

Packaging films for every application

As a specialist with decades of experience, we are your contact for packaging films in various designs. In addition to our extensive range of films made of polyolefin (PO film), BOPP film, PVC film and bio and environmental films, we also carry a large assortment of packaging machines of our own manufacture. Through the combination of our high-quality films and the matching sophisticated packaging machines, Schlichter GmbH provides you with quality products from a single source.

Our service is of particular importance. Our team is always ready to assist our customers with advice and support, a large spare parts warehouse and a large stock of films. For further information  contact us. Let us advise you about our wide range of films and our extensive range of packaging machines. As a system manufacturer, we offer you everything for optimal packaging individually tailored to your needs.



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