Polypropylene (PP) film for high quality product packaging.

OPP /BOPP film for high-quality product packaging is made of polypropylene, also known as PP for short. OPP in turn is an abbreviation for “Oriented Polypropylene”.

One advantage of polypropylene is that the material is harder and more heat resistant than polyethylene, for example. Polypropylene is considered one of the most commonly used plastics; according to Wikipedia, approximately 17 million tons were used worldwide in 2016 for flexible packaging material alone.

Polypropylene (PP)

Polypropylene is often compared to polyethylene and is similar to this plastic in many respects, especially in the area of solution behavior and electrical properties. However, the mechanical properties and thermal resistance of polypropylene are better than those of polyethylene. A particular advantage of polypropylene is that it can have excellent resistance to fatigue.

Polypropylene has the lowest density among standard plastics. This allows the production of molded parts with lower weight, another advantage in many products. The great resistance to fatigue makes polypropylene a popular plastic for manufacturing products and as a material for film packaging.

Extensive range of OPP and BOPP films made of polypropylene

With our extensive range of OPP and BOPP films, we know the benefits of polypropylene (PP) films. Our highly transparent and recyclable polypropylene BOPP films are in line with the latest developments in the packaging market.

Polypropylene (PP) films in the form of our BOPP films are mechanically strong and are characterized by their good barrier properties, as well as their high tear, impact and puncture resistance. They are an excellent fit for products that go directly to the end consumer. This is because the goods can be advantageously presented and securely packaged in them.

Depending on the processing of the polypropylene film material, our recyclable packaging films are the answer to safe, sales-promoting and sustainable packaging.
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